Located on the island of Svimohzia, Zazahni is a poor, war-torn country. The last king died over 70 years ago, and since then the warlords and dukes of Zazahni have been scrambling to claim the crown for themselves. In a civil war that initially began with 70 houses, only 27 are left to vie for the crown. Of those 27, 7 are considered serious contenders.

This ongoing civil war has left the country ravaged. There is almost no external economy and most of the people are merely trying to survive. The warlords use conscription to force the young men to fight for them. Food and metal shortages are rampant. The only city with any sort of a regular economy is Emosvom on the southern border. This poorly defended, run down city on the border of the Vohven Jungle does have a regular trade by sending parties into the Vohven to obtain rare woods, animals and poisons. There is also a decent sized trade in slaves from captured Dejy and Elvish tribesmen of the Vohven jungle.
The other warlords ignore Emosvom because it is too far out of the way and it requires too much effort to defend from the wrath of the Vohven Jungle.

Bordering Zazahni to the west is UL-Karg, the hobgoblin kingdom. The hobgoblins are rumored to be massing for war, and they may try to invade the weakened Zazahni in the near future. Various raiding parties have been seen in western Zazahni. It was 70 years ago that the Kargi last attacked Zazahni. It was during this war that the last king was killed. Although the king died, he did manage to defeat the Kargi.

The majority of the population of Zazahni is Svimohzian, with some Dejy and a few wood elves.


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