The Screaming Eagles Guide to the Jungle

1. Don’t drink the water. Add your company issued tea leaves to the water and heat it prior to drinking. Each member of the mercenary company shall receive 7 days supply of tea leaves.

2. Always remember to look everywhere for danger, especially up.

3. Shake your boots out in the morning. You never know what will decide to live in them overnight.

4. Be careful when eating the plants. Some things that appear safe aren’t.

5. Don’t swim unless ordered to. The fish bite back.

6. Always keep a fire going. There are trolls and worse in here.

7. Don’t burn the trees. Anyone caught burning trees may be shot.

8. Don’t question # 6 & 7. Your leader may get mad.

9. The natives may be hostile. We will appear like a slaving party to them.

The Screaming Eagles Guide to the Jungle

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