Ramas Tribe

The Ramas are a friendly tribe of Dejy native to the Vohven Jungle. They live on the northern edge of a lake and rely on fishing for most of their food. They are normally clad in loincloths.

The tribe’s hunters and warriors use primitive weapons that have obsidian points. Bows, spears and daggers are their most common weapons.

The tribe is famous in the jungle for their very strong liquor known as berryjuice. This thick red liquid is very strong and can knock out even a dwarf in a few drinks.

The Ramas tribe is a member in a confederation of tribes. The members of the confederation all wear tattoos on their arms. The tattoo on the left arm is the tribe they are born into. The men get a second tattoo on the right shoulder when they marry into another tribe. The tattoo for the Ramas tribe is a trident.

The tribe is matriarchal in nature. Elder women are seen as wise and are treated with respect. Tribe leaders are generally older women who make the final decisions. They are also in charge of choosing which plants to grow and when to harvest them. The leader of the tribe is an elderly woman who goes by the title Omi.

The Omi’s son Dahrja is the best leatherworker in the town.

Zyanya is the healer for the village.

The Ramas tribe worships their ancestors and honors them. They do not, however believe that their ancestors are gods. Gods and ancestors are separate entities.

Every few years the teenaged members of the confederation travel to a Hopi to meet potential mates from the other tribes. This gives a better chance of marriage outside of the tribe. The youngsters then tell their parents which potential mates they prefer. Negotiations then take place amongst the tribes.

Ramas Tribe

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