Plimpton Ironash the third

dwarven thief


Plimpton is not particularly handsome or easy to get along with, but then what dwarves are. He is not a great fighter but inclined to be more of a scout with a variety of utility abilities useful in any group.

LATEST 5 Sept 2014 : Correction: The amulet came from the god of Thunder, not War. (Chris)

while in the round temple underground we discovered the overlord had covered the dwarven gods painted on the wall, with overlord tapestries. we tore down the tapestries and I shouted the name of the dwarven god of thunder, Far’Kal that we had removed the overlords tapestries. A copper amulet dropped out of the mouth of the painting of the thunder god. when I picked it up it made a buzzing noise that only I heard. Although my companions did not want me to wear it I put it on anyway. One does not refuse the gift of the god of war.

possibilities occur to me that the amulet does the following :

1. calls or controls the hippogriff that is outside the temple above ( as per image on that temple ceiling )
2. summons the warhammer that the dwarven god of war weilds and supposedly will return if thrown
3. creates or protects from lightning that is depicted with the god of thunder on the paintings.

I’ll discuss this with my comrades. My cleric may be a bit angry at me for having put it on.

they should probably call out the name of the other dwarven gods in case there are other gifts. I’ll give each a go after they do as well since my dwarven is so good.


Plimpton Ironash the III,

Definition : (dwarven jargon) a Plimpton is a small cave mouse that pokes its nose into everything. They can be a bit of a nuisance

Dwarven thief,
Plimpton, his real first name he keeps to himself, was born on the island of Svimohvia in the Krimpata Mountain range. He is relatively young for a dwarf and could not see himself spending the next few hundred years mining. There were also pressures from the UL-Karg to work their mines in secrecy.

As the only child to two loving parents he was expected to follow in the family tradition of mining and metal working. His parents understood that without total commitment to their way of life his wanderings close to the surface might endanger them all. It was felt best for all that he was sent, at some risk, to stay with a family on the surface in the Tanezh mountains.

That lasted for about 6 months until his hunger for answers to questions about what lay over the hills and the dungeons under them brought him into the company of adventurers. Some jobs paid well while others cost him money. Regardless of monetary gains he learned over the 25 years spent on the surface skills such as lock picking, trap finding and removing, sneaking quietly and hiding when necessary. His frequent brushes with danger exhilarated him and so he started employing with mercenaries. He was a specialist and so did not have to do the actual fighting for the most part. He was content to keep his head low when the long legs were swinging about their blades.

Plimpton has acquired an impressive skill set over the years and has been very useful to any company he has been associated with. His strongest skills are botany 55, direction sense 52, sneaking 59, identify trap 47 and hiding 42. Having campaigned on the island for many years he has picked up some boating skills that enable him to paddle a canoe or raft. If you expect him to cook be prepared for simple foods that sometimes show crispy marks. Should the need arise he can fashion simple pitfall traps that should aid in protecting a camp or capturing an enemy.

His personal view is that one does not steal from the party. Several beatings early in his career taught that lesson to him well indeed.

Plimpton and his close associates have survived an ambush of the main mercenary force and find themselves alone. The quartermaster Quartermaster Sevlen advises them to head to the small city of House Imwahil and contact Amar Mihzani.
There are no cities indicated on present day maps of the Vohven Jungle but there are always rumors of failed cities and temples along the river route. Hopefully he will get a chance to explore some of them.

The mercenary company has been wiped out, but tracks heading south enabled the small group to pursue. Their hope is to rescue the mercenary captain and the barons son. It becomes apparent after a day or two of travel southward that the ambushers have broken up into 2 groups; each with a prisoner. One group ( probably the orc’s ) headed east and the other ( probably the hobgoblins ) headed south. Since it was unknown which way specific prisoners were taken they went east after the orc group.

str 10.57 / int 17.87 / wis 17.01 / dex 11.84 / con 14.30 / looks 10.48 / char 8.33
TOP = 14 top check = 7
honor =43.1
wears Leather armor +1 ( nice )
carries shield / dagger +2/dagger silver / sling /warhammer +1/warhammer silver +1

25 appraise gems
27 appraise sundries
27 appraise armor/ weapons
24 boating
55 botany
26 cartography
42 climbing
20 cooking
26 current affairs
52 direction sense
39 disarm trap
14 disguise
17 escape artist
20 fire building
32 glean information
42 hiding
47 identify trap
73 lang svimohzion
75 lang dwarven
26 lang dejee
37 listening
31 literacy dwarven
35 lock picking
18 mining
28 monster lore
45 observation
13 pick pocket
30 riddling
22 rope use
36 scrutiny
59 sneaking
21 survival
32 swimming
20 tracking
15 trap design
26 ancient history svimozian dwarves
27 ancient history UL-KARG

proficeny – laborer / sling/ dagger / knife / club / bilingual / hiking-marching/ warhammer
– etiquette of confed of dejee in volven jungle
talent (thieves) – swiftblade dagger , attack , defense , damage
specialization dagger – speed 1/ defense 1
save vs magic / poison = +4 (con / 3 )
defense bonus vs giants / ogres / trolls = +6
attack bonus vs goblins / orcs / hobgoblins = +2

Plimpton Ironash the third

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