Screaming Eagles Mercenary Company

The Screaming Eagles Mercenary Company was founded 12 years ago byCaptain Gorvasii and Quartermaster Sevlen. It was formed to take advantage of the Zahzanii civil wars and to fight for the highest bidder for their services. The company consisted of nearly 50 men and have been employed for various tasks by the barons involved in the civil war.

Their most recent task was to escort the son of Baron Whoshoeh to a secret meeting in the Vohven Jungle. The company was ambushed and almost everyone was killed. The baron’s son is now missing and the company is defunct.

The Screaming Eagles were based out of a broken down ruins in Western Zazahnii. They have approximately 50 new recruits there training under the command ofJynda.

There are several other camp followers and tradesmen back in the ruins as well. They do things such as repair armor, manage supplies, etc.

Approximately 3 years ago was the last time the company visited Emosvom.

Screaming Eagles Mercenary Company

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