Zacharia Thorn

Thief acheologist adventurer treasure hunter , Bloodthorns father


Bloodthorns father. Presently held in the Emosovan prison for interferring with the Jade lions in the Vohaven jungle. Zac, as his friends call him, has been exploring and investigating ruins in the elven lands of the Vohaven. His son, Bloodthorn, innocently led a party of jade lions to an elven dig. They professed to be looking for rare plants but ended up binding bloodthorn and making off with some artifacts. Zac found his son and freed him. His next duty was to retrieve the items that he had promised the elves he would not loot. His wife is an Elven fighter and attends these days to her own business. In the course of his pursuit he was spotted and overcome by their superior numbers. The jade lions knew that he was knowledge of much of the lore of the area and decided to take him to Emosovan to see what they could learn. Today he sits in a prison until he gives up the information they want.
Blood thorn travelled to Emosovan only to find the task of rescuing his father complicated by the security of the prison. He has convinced a group of adventurers that rescuing his father would be advantagous to them. The information that his father has on the elven ruins would be very damaging to the elven artefacts in the vohaven. As it turns out elves have a role to play in the coming battle against the vampire lord. Freeing his father and preventing the pillaging of elven holy and historical sights would go a long way to gaining their favor.


Zacharia Thorn

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