Russell Feiss

Half Elf Rogue, In Town Liaison to The Screaming Eagles Special Forces


Russell couldn’t remember his mother, or at least not his birth mother. His mother was an elf, whom he imagined to be a glorious Elven Ranger. That is if his father was to be believed of course. However, there union was not meant to be and she left him with his father when he was but days old. Russell’s father remarried not more than 2 years later and as such he cannot remember a time without a mother. The only clue to his different siring being his slightly pointed ears, perfect features and lithe frame. And his wits of course, and how he reveled in exercising them on the unthinking simpletons in town. He could wrap them around his finger with but a sentence and a smile. It was only fortune that brought his brother into his life. He remembered looking down and thinking with a smirk, now finally a patsy has come along for me.

As his brother grew he could see the potential, as Murray was clearly smarter than the other rabble and a little stronger than most too. Truly he’d been blessed, and thus began to get his brother to do whatever he saw fit. The two terrorized and hustled countless in town, with Murray always taking the sole blame. Russell wouldn’t have had it any other way. He wasn’t completely soulless though, often times convincing the affected to take manual labour as recompense. This didn’t ever seem to be a good thing to Murray however, but Russell imagined he wouldn’t have liked losing a hand much more. And truthfully he owed Murray at least as much, as Murray had stopped trying to implicate him in any of the schemes.

One day brought about a change however, when Murray got caught by the irascible sage of town. Russell thought all he had worked for was lost. The sage’s sentence to Murray was one of almost total servitude, only coming home long enough to sleep and then return in the morning. Russell began to train others in his brother’s absence, but each of them were a liability to him in both their skills and trustworthiness. As such, this plan was soon abandoned. One night after many moons however, Murray showed him exactly why the sage had been keeping him coming back all this time. With a little chanting and hand waving, Murray created a rather crude yet obvious rendition of a wall and door closing off the alley behind their house. It wasn’t until Russell touched it that the mural vanished.

Russell said nothing, and nothing needed to be said. Both knew what this meant, and both came to the same conclusion. Murray continued going back day after day while Russell honed his skills in all the bars and brothels he could get into. While he wasn’t always successful in gaining new underground ties, he never could say no to the affections of the establishment’s patrons. Rarely did he classify any of his nights as unsuccessful.

With his brother’s entrance into The Screaming Eagles, Russell at first questioned his brother’s logic. Once the funds started to roll in however, Russell went straight to work growing the savings. He would sell whatever his brother brought him but couldn’t help but remind Murray that this wouldn’t be the key to everlasting riches. One day, Murray unveiled a fairly masterful plan however, of setting up a dance house in Omosvom. The high male population and nature of the town seemed to be the perfect haven for such a business. Taking what he’d saved, Russell traveled to Omosvom and began setting up in the town. Before long he’d twisted enough ears to buy an abandoned building across from a brothel. Most of the building was converted to a bar, dance floor and stage for live music. His venue would cater to those looking for pleasures of the night other than what can be found in a bedroom.

Russell Feiss

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