Razhan Yahul

Grel Barbarian Level 5


Str 16/41 Int 12/48 Wis 11/02 Dex 15/24 Con 15/12 Lks 12/32 Cha 13/25
Angawa Battle Cry
Local History ( Vohven Jungle)
Phalanx Fighting
Light Armour
Long Distance Running
Physical Conditioning
Swift Blade (spear)
Parry (spear)
Fast Healer

Short Bow
Throwing Axe
Battle Axe
Hand Axe
Throwing Knife

Hiding (jungle) +77
Survival (jungle) +67
Hunting (jungle) +26
Swimming +50
Animal Empathy +30

There isn’t much anyone knows about Razhan’s past, but quite a bit can be inferred. He’s clearly a Grel, standing 5’8" he cuts a short but imposing figure. He doesn’t talk about his past, but he a clearly well trained and ferocious fighter. An expert in gorilla warfare, he can survive for weeks behind enemy lines. He takes orders well, but gives them poorly. He seems to judge a person by thier ability in battle, and by very little else. He’s been seen walking around the remnants of a battle, plunging his spear into fallen opponents, giving them an easy rest after failing as warriors. It’s known that he eats the hearts of prey he’s felled, and rumored more than once the habit doesn’t stop at animals. He seems to care little for wealth, as a Grel he doesn’t often enter a town out of shackles. However he takes great care of his weapons, and takes his pillage often in armaments rather than silver. That being said, a pick pocket once tried to lift his purse. Little was left of the thief’s jaw or teeth after two quick strikes, one from a fist the other from his boot. Razhan is a brutal killer, but his greatest foe is undead. He is known to wear a small pendant from the church of everlasting hope. He often encourages the burning of corpses, and if not practical a quick beheading. He is very mistrusting of mages. His most embarrassing moment was, after obliterating four armed warriors, a meek mage called a simple incantation, making Razham cower for his life as a quivering weakling.

Razhan Yahul

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