Quartermaster Sevlen

Deceased quartermaster of the Screaming Eagles


Recently killed during the ambush of the Screaming Eagles mercenary company in the Vohven Jungle. Quartermaster Sevlen was a heavy set, middle aged Brandobian. He was a suspected member of the Church of the Old Man.


Quartermaster Sevlen was a close friend and ally to your group. He often set aside items for your use and made sure you were amongst the first paid. This sometimes caused you grief with the rest of the mercenary company as you were viewed as his pet toadies by some.

The Quartermaster and the Captain had worked together for many years with various mercenary companies. They founded the Screaming Eagles 4 years ago to fight in the Zahzanii civil wars. They were hoping to earn enough to retire from fighting once and for all.

Sevlen had at one point been a companion to Amar Mihzani of Emosvom.

Quartermaster Sevlen

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