Montana (Murray) Feiss

Inquiring Mage of the Order of Thought and The Chief Of Arcane Affairs of The Screaming Eagles


From a young age Murray resented his place in life. Try as he might he couldn’t get out from his brother’s shadow, and always seemed to be the center of blame. Murray knew why, having seen all the wondrous lies his brother could weave. He could only marvel at how easily blame seemed to shift off Russell’s shoulders and onto his own. No amount of protest would ever do him any good, he just couldn’t win a war of words with his brother. He knew he was stronger, hell he was smarter too. But his brother was wise, charismatic and just sneaky enough to never get caught himself.

It’s not like he didn’t expect it to happen after all, most times being a willing accomplice in his older brothers schemes and dealings, being given the title of ‘the muscle’. His brother, ‘the mouth’ of course being so eloquent at all the right times. Things wouldn’t have changed either, if not for Murray catching the attention (and ire) of the local sage. Once he saw the boy’s aptitude for learning, he began to teach him more in the arcane ways. Murray saw his escape from under his brother’s shadow for the first time, and snatched it. No more would he be forced to live paranoid, waiting for the next harebrained scheme to land him the target of another’s animosity.

After many moons of hard work, Murray showed his brother Russell what he’d learned and cast Illusionary Mural between their neighbour’s house and theirs. With wordless wonder, Russell’s eye’s locked with Murray and understanding set in. After many years of hard work Murray grew his skills, becoming slightly obsessed with furthering his power and potential. He began giving himself officious sounding titles, and like the sage himself took on another name. A moniker to separate himself from his non magical past. Thus Montana was born, though the name never quite caught on with his brother. The best he could ever get out of Russell was ‘Monty’, but he knew his status with his brother had changed from ‘the muscle’ to ‘the might’.

The Sage soon inducted Murray into The Order of Thought, and Murray was amazed at the wealth of knowledge available to him. Furthermore, the knowledge pointed to a wealth of power available to him as well. Fascinated, Murray soon lost himself in the powerful artifacts of times long past. Further following the advice of the sage Murray joined with The Screaming Eagles, along with a couple others of the church, to travel the lands to learn what can’t be taught behind a desk. Murray’s aptitude advanced him through the ranks of The Screaming Eagles, landing him in their on their own special forces squad.

Murray began siphoning off almost all of his earnings to his brother, setting him up in the prison town of Omosvom. Russell couldn’t help but agree that Murray’s first dabbling in the arts of scheming was a good one, setting up a dance house in a prison town with a high male population did seem like a nigh fool proof plan. Murray left Russell to his work, knowing that his brother was the most suitable man for this job and a wise investment choice for his money.

Montana (Murray) Feiss

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