Ironstaff Orefinder

Took Plimpton in when he left the Krimpata Mountains of Ul-Karg.


Ironstaff is related to the Ironash families of the Far’gol clan. His family ancestors chose to live on the surface well away from the hobgoblins of Ul-Karg. They work some shallow mines and forge the ores into weapons and useful implements for market sale. They are not warlike with interests in expanding their territories but will defend what they have tenaciously.

Ironstaff and his wife live in a small home a mile from others of their kind. This lifestyle brought on by the scarcity of resources in the mountains affords them some privacy. One of the reasons plimpton was sent to live there.

On frequent occasions Ironstaff would disappear for a few weeks on the pretence that he was prospecting. In fact what he was doing is meeting with the ironash clan to exchange news and bring in much needed articles of trade. Making the journey without being spotted by the hobgoblins is only possible because of some serious sneak, hide and survival skills.


Ironstaff Orefinder

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