Cleric of the Order of Thought.



Shrouded in mystery, not much is know about the one the call Haness. A native Svimosian, people have know idea where he came from. To those with some connections, they know that he is a cleric of the Order of Thought. He has been known to work with pretty much anyone, if they have something he is in purposeful need of. Most recently he has been working with Temple of Light trying to find out what is causing the surge of undead in the area. He has worked some side missions with the elite members of the mercenary groups and is pursuing some leads on a potential lost temple of the Church of Light.

Most people simply stay clear of Haness. He is a tall, somewhat ugly man, which a unapproachable look plastered on his face. Further to that, he rarely is seen with out his Halberd by his side, and his Sil-Karg body guard, Cid, who is know as one of the most fierce fighters in the mercenary company.

Aside from being known as a person to go to if you want to know something, a healer, and a warrior, Haness is known for impressive musical skill. His voice is eerie and dark, and his compositions combine unconventional combinations of both traditional and foreign instruments. Some locals have started calling it jazz. He posses some manner of fame from this side project.

Not long after joining the mercenary company, his skills were quickly noted and soon he was taking his dinner with the captain and his entourage. His duties turned to book keeping, consulting on battle plans. Most importantly though, he digs up leads on potentially lucrative expeditions, for the more courageous at heart.


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