Ehno Noh

Prudish waitress at hanging vine inn


Short and a little plainer looking than her twin sister, she has fairly muscular arms from all the laundry she does. Her lips are constantly pursed with disapproval for her sister.


Ehno is much more prudish than her sister and is constantly badgering Nomi about her nighttime activities. Ehno does most of the laundry for the inn as well as working as a waitress. Ehno also empties the chamber pots and cleans the inn. She is very hard working but does not get paid well for it. She both despises and is jealous of her sister due toNomi having lots of money. Ehno dreams of becoming an artist and she has a very good collection of pencil drawings of the people who stay at the inn. She is in love with Lanky Lamus of the Screaming Eagles Mercenary Company. She hopes to marry him one day and they wish to start a small farm of their own near Emosvom.

Ehno Noh

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