Dashaz Yahul Pateris

Jade Lion Expedition Leader


Dashaz is a human warrior who often leads expeditions into the Vohven Jungle on behalf of the Jade Lions. He is an arrogant man who doesn’t bend his knee for anyone. He was last seen leading an expedition towards a lost dwarven mine. The expedition ended in chaos, with many men killed by a blast from the sky.

He recently stepped in to take over the Jade Lion’s during Jamal’s recent illness. Now that Jamal has recovered, Dashaz is leading an expedition to the legendary Lost City of Stirrott. He claims that he has a map to take him there. It is the only known copy in existence. No one else has ever been to this city since it was lost in the depths of the Vohven Jungle. The last known time when the city was seen was during the reign of Prince Ghoram Shaz-Rhul.

Dashaz’s uncle is Balen Pateris.

His younger sister is Sabreena.

He has a little girl who is blind and in failing health. Her name is Dorena.


Dashaz Yahul Pateris

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