Captain Vosted Gorvasii

Missing Leader of the Screaming Eagles


A tall man with mixed Fhokki and Kalamarian heritage, Captain Gorvasii was a fair and honorable leader for the Screaming Eagles mercenary company.


Captain Vosted Gorvasii was the founder and leader of the Screaming Eagles mercenary company. During the ambush on the company in the Vohven Jungle, he and Baron Whoshoeh’s son disappeared.

His father, Arturr Gorvassi, was a member of King Whereazni II’s royal guard. Arturr was on guard duty when the Lady in Black slipped into the King’s bedchamber and murdered him. During the following trial, Arturr’s best friend, Mizovohr Arhomven, accused him of allowing the lady into the King’s bedroom. Based on Mizovohr’s testimony, Arturr was executed the following morning. Mizovohr did his friend one final favour by smuggling his teen-aged son Vosted out of the city.

Captain Vosted Gorvasii

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