Blood Thorn

Blood Thorn is a Half Elf Fighter Thief. He was brought up in the vohevan jungle as an elf.


Blood Thorn:

The early life of Blood Thorn was spent with his elven mother and human father. The suffered some predjudice from the elven community but were grudgingly tolerated to live outside the mainsream communities. His father had sought adventure and riches in the jungle but gave it all up for his lovely eleven lady. He still explored but was more interested in the lore and the history of the ruins he found and recorded.
For an elven female a human was a quick daliance over and done with in a generation. The children did not last that long as time is regarded but they were quick and curious and thirsty for life. She taught him to fight and his father taught him other skills that would help him move within the forest and dungeons he sought.
Their life was a happy one until men from north of the jungle met him on the river. They regarded him as human but could see that he was more elven by nature. Living as he had in the jungles for 36 years had not prepared him for the greed that motivated these men of the jade tiger trading clan. The party leader was very persuasive and managed to glean much information about the local area in their conversations. Supposedly they were looking for rare plants that grew only in old buildings.
Blood Thorn knew of some old buildings but had never heard of the plants they were describing, so innocently he offered to take them there to have a look. The leader of the traders was well pleased and bid him to take them. When they arrived at one of the old elven ruins that he knew of the traders were overjoyed. Immediately they set to breaking down doors and gathering priceless works of art and objects of spiritual or magical nature. While he angrily tried to prevent the traders from stealing these works he was struck on the head and passed out. He awoke restrained by ropes hastily knotted to keep him from interfering. The traders had assembled a considerable pile of loot and were laughing at the scowls he made in their direction. His father had been expecting him at a dig site more interesting than this old burial ground and had sought him. The eyes reflecting the firelight in the trees looked distinctly human and they looked angry. In the morning the traders moved off in their boats humiliating him with thank you’s and friendly banter. As soon as they had passed from sight his father came to him and cut his bonds.
His father Norsen Openhand, shook his had and told him to bring his mother Windsigh Fallingleaf to this location while he trailed the men from the north. They were to follow and find him, then together they would right this wrong. Blood did as he was told and together fully armed and ready for a fight did just that.
Only it did not work out exactly as they planned. Blood’s father had followed the norhern men but the sighs in the grass showed that they had expected that. Evidence of a struggle and indications of blood spatter told the story of a hard fight. There was nothing to indicate that his father was alive or dead. Windsigh grimly looked about and pointed to signs that told the story. His father was wounded and taken prisoner. His mother’s experience with such men told of slavery and little conscience as to the rarity or importance of the items they stole. They would be back again to gather more and with the knowledge his father had it was likely that they could pillage a good many sacred eleven sites.
Blood Thorn looked human to most at a casual glance while his mother was certainly and elf that stood out for her beauty and grace in any crowd. She told him to follow the river to the city of Emosvom. There he was to find and return his father or kill him to prevent the knowledge he has from falling into the hands of the jade lion trading company. In preparation for this mission she gave him a crash course in the human lands, history and culture.
While he was doing this she would lead elves from her family to recon the jungle for more of the traders and to be prepared near the jungles border with the northlands should he need help when he escapes with his father.

Blood Thorn did reach the city but did not know the fate of his father yet. In much the way a hunter watches the comming and goings of animals at a water hole he found a human equivelant of a bar that need bouncers. From here he could listen to rumors and stories and make some contacts that will aid him in his quest. Montee’s Bar or some such nonsense is it’s name and its proprieter was desperate. We shall see if this can work fast to get his father out of the clutches of that company.
str 15.51 FOS 8 / dmg 3 / Max lift 267lb / Max drag 668lb 25 / 50 / 99 / 149
int 13.18 Atk 1 / FOA 5
wis 10.56 Init 1 / Def 1 / Mental save 0
Dex 14.01 Init 0 / Atk 2 / Def 2 / dodge 1 / FOA 5
Con 11.75 Phus save 0
Lks 12.34 char mod 0 / strt hon 1 / fame 0
Cha 10.11 strt hon 0 / turn mod 0 / morale mod 0 / max protoge 3

level 5 atk 2 / speed 0 / init -1 / init die one better

Top 11
honor 13.45

18 Appraise arm / armor
23 Boating
25 Cartography
20 Climbing
20 Current affairs
18 Direction sense
26 Disarm trap
32 Hiding
30 Identify trap
23 Jumping
34 Language Szemonian
79 Bilingual High elf
82 Bilingual Low elf
81 Bilingual Dejee
30 Listening
23 Lock Pick
21 Observation
18 Resist persuation
20 Riding horse
30 Sneaking
18 Swimming
20 Ancient History Vohavian

Proficient Longsword / Dagger / short bow / Warhammer / Shield
Specialize Longsword Attk / Defen / Speed / Damage
Talent Longsword Attk / Speed
Coup de gras 5 seconds
Luck points 12


At monte’s bar:
The bar is a fertile ground for obtaining information. Bloodthorn is looking for plans to the prison layout as well as the plans for some of the high ranking nobles and notables in town and the area surrounding. He will piece together the information and draw his own map if one absolutely cannot get one already made.

Blood Thorn

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