Baron Whoshoeh

Baron who hired the Screaming Eagles to guard his son


Baron Whoshoeh is one of 70 barons involved in the Zazahnii civil war. His lands lie on the northern edge of the Vohven Jungle to the west of Emosvom. He is a hard and cruel man. He had hired the Screaming Eagles mercenary company to escort his son to a secret meeting in the Vohven Jungle. The party never made it to the meeting and were never seen from again.

The Baron has a reputation for dealing viciously with people whom he suspects have betrayed him. The last man to have done this had his thumbs tied to the Baron’s saddle and was dragged behind him for an entire day’s march.

The Baron is now styling himself as Duke Whoshoeh.

His family were the ones who first summoned Prince Ghoram Shaz Rhul. They sacrificed the last emperor of Meznamish.

Baron Whoshoeh

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