Large bearded man with battle axe,


Arturr is a large man with a big yellow beard. He carries a battle axe and a circular shield. He is a tough old mercenary who has been fighting in Zazahni’s wars for the past 10 years. He first taught a young Monty how to conduct oneself in a mercenary group. He also taught Monty how to darn his own socks.

Arturr is a good companion and a fierce warrior but a lousy drinking companion. He is a mean drunk who always ends up in bar fights.

He has an on again, off again relationship with a girl named Sanesha. He loves her but when he is drunk he gets nasty and beats her. She will then scream at him in the streets and throw his axe at his head until he leaves. He chuckles when recalling this as she still has lousy aim.

He is currently working for Thurvan’s Curs as a merc. They have been guarding caravan’s recently.



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